jack or lawrence

it him male sixteen white
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(scroll) white australian. gay aro queer dude. cancer sun, esfj, page of light. diagnosed autistic borderline. nine inch nails and homestuck hyperfixator. special interest in film, music, and the saw franchise.

main interests include the above, but at the moment i also really like blink-182, kmfdm, limp bizkit, sister machine gun, goreshit, fight club and sonic. i'm also learning german & the drums.
obviously having asd and bpd affects my entire life and i struggle with social interaction 24/7. i have a lot of issues with tone over the internet but 90% of the time i don't have ill intent talking to you. if i do something that makes you uncomfortable please let me know but don't be super dickish about it. i'm actively trying to improve my mental health. do not interact if you are right-wing, pro-life, "vote no" (applies to australians only), anti legalisation of marijuana, racist/xenophobic, generally an asshole and you know it, believe in cluster b abuse, publicly make fun of people for any of their "cringe" interests, ALSO fans of the first saw movie completely dni with me if you talk about it a lot, unless we're friends.

i often reclaim the f and r slurs in private/semi public spaces. i sometimes make jokes about issues that affect me.

if you feel like you need context on my sources: the narrator [fight club], dr lawrence gordon [saw], jake english [homestuck]. #Cringe